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Our Solutions

Solutions Using Turant Biometric authentication and verification 

Voice Login & OTP

Turant-VoiceVerify™ Login And Voice Otp An Alternate To Sms Otp

Call Center Industry

Turant-Voice Verify eliminates the mundane and potential for abuse aspect of verification of customers by a call center. Our solution prevents the customer from sharing any private data such as date of birth, secret questions, etc. Our solution will eliminate this with voice-based verification. This cuts down on the conversation time, saves money, allows the reallocation of call center resources to revenue-generating tasks, and enhances customer experience.

Financial And Banking Sector

Turant-Voice Verify provides a quick and automated solution to many required tasks in this sector including the Welcome call, Collection call, Target acquisition call. etc.

Online Education Sector

Turant AI's voice biometrics improve security, integrity, and personalization in the online education sector.

Turant Voice Verified 2FA

Turant Voice Verified 2FA offers a cutting-edge solution for authentication, combining robust security with user-friendly convenience. By leveraging the unique characteristics of an individual's voice, our system ensures unparalleled protection against unauthorized access. Users can enjoy seamless authentication experiences, eliminating the hassle of remembering complex passwords or dealing with cumbersome verification processes. With Turant Voice Verified 2FA, organizations can confidently safeguard their sensitive data and systems, while users enjoy a frictionless and secure login experience.

Attendance in Field

Assertive identification in field Authentication in a central environment no geographical limitations

Instantiate Digital Payments

Enable digital payments No requirements of smartphone or internet Bring the other 75% of the world to digital payments

National Defense

Real-time assertive hack-proof communication. Local solutions are synced when required.

First Responders

Real-time & AssertiveHack ProofPasswordless

Identity Rogue Members

AI-Based Voice BiometricAdvanced Legit identification basedCompliance with Regulatory requirementsHigh Volumes Processing in Real-TimeUse cases extend to Law Enforcement / Corp ID Security

Deepfake Identifier

Identifies manipulated Audio / Video ContentHighest Accuracy Across CompetitorsReal-time analysis of live streams / recorded contentFraud ProtectionImprove Digital LiteracyEncourages understanding & recognizing deepfakes

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